Perfection in protection

Industrial paintwork

Cuijpers Services BV fulfils industrial paintwork contracts on a daily basis for customers in the chemical and petrochemical industries, the tank storage sector, the food and dairy industry, machine construction and shipbuilding and other production environments where the highest standards apply to safety, quality, flexibility, delivery dependability and service.

Cuijpers Services BV is also extremely experienced in painting newly built systems/plant. Very often, new construction projects start with blasting and coating using the machines in our own production facility, following which we touch up the paintwork and paint pipes and other components on site to complete the contract. We can also apply a fire-retardant coating (PFP).

Obviously, we record the coating thicknesses, humidity and other parameters when applying the paint systems. Cuijpers Services has an in-house quality department and employs NACE-2 certified inspectors.

Our industrial painters are completely familiar with work permit systems, working under strict supervision, possess SCC certification as a minimum and are instructed to conscientiously comply with the rules in force at the production sites.

Cuijpers Services BV regularly uses its extensive experience and many blasting and coating equipment resources to offer a total support package to customers during scheduled plant shutdowns or turnarounds. Careful preparation, coordination and supervision by our experienced project managers ensures that bottleneck assets are blasted, painted to protect them against corrosion or surface treated in some other way both quickly and in accordance with a precise schedule, so that they can be put back into service exactly on time.