Perfection in protection

Project management

Cuijpers Services BV’s successful track record in abrasive blasting and corrosion-protection projects is largely the result of excellent preparation and planning, and close supervision during execution.

Cuijpers Services BV offers a total care package for corrosion-protection projects, from the initial planning phase up to the time of delivery and acceptance. To achieve this, Cuijpers Services BV employs a number of experienced project managers who closely supervise the corrosion-protection projects from beginning to end. They agree the procedure with the customer and the other subcontractors involved to ensure that all the different disciplines work together in perfect unison.

Some examples of projects for which we regularly coordinate and supervise abrasive blasting and corrosion-protection activities are listed below;

  • Turnaround projects
  • Corrosion under insulation projects
  • New construction projects
    • Fire-proofing steel structures and skirts
    • Applying paint systems to pipework and touch-up on site
  • Highly specialised and critical corrosion protection projects