Perfection in protection


Cuijpers Services B.V. has a fully equipped development and maintenance workshop and garage. Our in-house development, design, construction and assembly activities for new equipment take place here. These bespoke activities ensure that we continue to lead the market in terms of delivering and performing highly specialised work.

Design, development and maintenance of machines, tooling and accessories.

Maintenance of the vehicle fleet, compressors, high-pressure water pumps.

Vehicle fleet and equipment
Cuijpers Services B.V. operates a large vehicle fleet consisting of more than 50 tractor-trailer combinations that offer highly diverse and specialised capabilities for carrying out on-site (mobile) work.

In addition, we have a variety of small passenger vans, panels vans and separate trailers at our disposal for moving employees and equipment.

A great deal of our specialised equipment has been developed and constructed in-house. This level of customisation makes it possible for us to perform highly diverse activities at any location in accordance with the customer’s specifications and requirements.

When building our vehicles, we obviously give careful consideration to safety as a first priority, mount all the machines and equipment in the most logistically efficient positions and take advantage of the latest technical advances.