Perfection in protection

About Cuijpers

Cuijpers Services BV was founded in 2009 when Straalbedrijf Gebr. Cuijpers Weert BV, Cuijpers Eurowork BV and Smeets Straal- en Conserveringswerken Stein BV merged.
These former companies with their rich histories have been combined to create a single entity with a unified and fresh new corporate identity.
Since the first trading activities in 1964, Cuijpers Services BV has grown to become a leading international company that specialises in mobile and stationary abrasive cleaning and corrosion protection, fire protection (PFP), corrosion under insulation (CUI), high-pressure cleaning and high-pressure water jet cutting.

Abrasive blasting is still the best method for cleaning steel. Because the pores in the steel are cleaned thoroughly and the surface keyed, this treatment ensures perfect
adhesion for all coating systems.

Good pre-treatment is essential to prevent paint flaking and exposure of areas where corrosion can start. To guarantee good quality, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt, rust or old coats of paint before coating.

Cuijpers Services works for the petrochemical and process industries, the tank storage and pipelines sector, the civil engineering sector (roads and waterways), the railway maintenance sector, shipbuilding, the offshore industry, the food industry, the power generation industry, (heavy) engineering and the construction industry.

We specialise in surface cleaning and surface pre-treatment technology, vacuum suction technology, coating, applying fire-retardant coating systems (passive fire protection) and high-pressure water jet cutting for pipes, silos, etc.

Our mobile division operates a highly specialised vehicle fleet which allows us to perform a wide range of abrasive blasting and corrosion-prevention activities at any site.

Cuijpers Services BV also performs stationary abrasive-blasting and corrosion-prevention activities in a number of impressively large industrial buildings (up to approximately 200 metres in length), which have been designed to accommodate objects of varying shapes and sizes, including extremely large objects. For example, structural steelwork, piping and machine parts.

Cuijpers Services has an in-house quality department and employs NACE-2 certified inspectors.