Perfection in protection

Abrasive blasting with recycled medium

Abrasive blasting using recycled steel grit is an environmentally friendly and economic blasting technique. This is also called recycle blasting. The major advantage of this technique is that the blasting medium is recycled and reused. This reduces waste and a saving of up to 90% can be made in the consumption of blasting grit.

This recycling method is used in a number of our stationary abrasive blasting systems (at our own company sites).

Our mobile department has mobile recycling units at its disposal, which significantly reduce consumption of the blasting medium.

Area of application:

  • Work on site (Mobile): Internal shot blasting of tanks, hollow beams, reservoirs and columns
  • Work on site (Mobile): Cleaning walls, ovens and filter systems
  • Work at our own company site (Stationary): Automatic blasting in a blast cabinet.

Shot blasting using a recycling unit
Blasting the side profile of a bridge deck at an angle of 90°.