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Takeover of Kabecon BV

12 July 2019 | News

Takeover of Kabecon BV business activities by Cuijpers Services Nederland BV

As of July 1, 2019, the Cuijpers Groep BV will take over the business activities of Kabecon BV (KBM Groep) in Middelburg in good consultation

With this acquisition, Cuijpers aims to strengthen its position in the west of the Netherlands and in Zeeland and will be able to offer its services package to existing and new customers across the board.

Kabecon BV, with its predecessor Straalbedrijf Boone BV, has traditionally been working as a specialized stationary company in Zeeland, which offers services such as blasting, TSA and wet paints aimed at steel structures, bridges, lock gates etc.

With this acquisition, a small team of experienced colleagues will be added for Cuijpers Services Nederland BV, who will be supplemented with flexible staff where necessary depending on the work volume.

The former owner of Kabecon, Mr. Rob Kuiper, as a NACE3 inspector, will continue his work in the inspection and consultancy industry. He will remain available in the transition phase to support Cuijpers with his expertise

We look forward to a bright and colorful future, in which we stand together for our mission; Perfection in Protection!

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