Perfection in protection


Cuijpers Services BV operates a Hammelmann Aquablast Spiderjet 3000.

The Spiderjet, also called a Spinjet or Crawler, uses a vacuum to position itself on horizontal and vertical surfaces, e.g. on the inner and outer faces of tank walls and ships’ hulls. One major advantage of the system is that scaffolding is not required.

The vacuum technology allows the Spiderjet to move systematically over the surface. Because the operator can control the machine remotely, the system offers significant benefits in terms of occupational health and safety and working conditions.

Jets of high-pressure water remove product residues, corrosion, old coatings, etc. from the treatment surface, e.g. the tank wall or ship’s hull, extremely effectively and efficiently.

The Spiderjet is used in conjunction with one of our high-pressure water units, which supplies the water and also sucks up and stores the waste water with the particles of rust, paint, etc. in suspension. Next, if required and technically feasible, the water is filtered for reuse. Direct removal of the water by suction also significantly reduces spray mist and dust nuisance.