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High-pressure water jet cutting

High-pressure water jet cutting is a highly specialised process where water, which may or may not contain a cutting medium (abrasive), is brought up to an extremely high pressure and then sprayed through a nozzle onto the workpiece where the water jet erodes the material.
High-pressure water jet cutting is precision work so good preparation is extremely important: stable positioning, design, construction and installation.

One major advantage of high-pressure water jet cutting is that this technique can be used in an explosive atmosphere. This is also a common application.

At Cuijpers Services BV, we continue to develop and refine water jet cutting as a technique. Our mobile workshop and high-pressure water unit allow us to apply water jet cutting at practically any location.

Area of application:

  • Cutting through pipework with standard cutting fixtures
  • Cutting through tanks and columns with variable cutting fixtures

High-pressure water jet cutting
Slicing through pipework, adapters, columns using a datum edge and/or welding jig.