Perfection in protection

High-pressure water cleaning

Cuijpers Services BV has the expertise and equipment required for cleaning substrates and objects using water at extremely high pressure (also known as high-pressure water jetting).

The water pressure varies between 500 and 2500 bars. High-pressure water jetting is an extremely effective cleaning method. We operate mobile high-pressure water jetting systems, meaning that we can use this cleaning method at any location where there is adequate access. Our innovation here is that we can treat and clean the waste water on location using a special water treatment system. This avoids high costs for removing and processing the contaminated water as most of the waste is removed by the machine.

Area of application:

  • Removing road markings.
  • Removing coatings from steel bridge decks
  • Pre-treating/cleaning tank bottoms
  • Internally cleaning pipes
  • Water jetting using a lance is also possible


High-pressure water jetting
Jetting and vacuum recovery system for road markings.

High-pressure water jetting
Removal of the bitumen layer (coating) on a bridge deck, surface area 30,000 m².

High pressure water jetting
Removing sealing mastic from a tank wall.

High-pressure water jetting
Computer-controlled deblistering of 120 suction pipes (blisters in the chrome).