Perfection in protection


In addition to applying protective coatings to pipe systems and plant using conventional techniques (blasting, coating and TSA), more and more wrapping methods are now coming onto the market.

After thorough pre-treatment, such as abrasive blasting or using a machine to brush the surface, the object is wrapped with a bitumen or plastic tape instead of applying a coating system. This creates an oxygen barrier and makes corrosion impossible.

The following wrapping products are used by Cuijpers Services BV;

  • Densoleen tape
  • Henkel
  • Stopaq

A number of our industrial painters have been professionally trained in applying Densoleen® tape in order to protect pipes. In fact, our company is a certified partner for applying this technique.

The tape is used in underground and surface applications to protect steel pipes, T pieces, bends, accessories, compensators, couplings, flanges and valves and the welds present on their surfaces against mechanical damage and chemical and biological degradation caused by water and vapour, diluted acid and alkaline solutions, salt solutions, alcohol, mould and soil bacteria. Furthermore, it is used to wrap insulation on cold pipes and hot pipes.

Stopaq is similar to Densoleen, the main difference being that it is a visco-elastic plastic product whereas Densoleen is bituminous. Stopaq remains flexible, repels water, self-repairs if a tear forms or damage occurs and is not environmentally harmful. Stopaq also forms a perfect oxygen barrier on steel in the outside air, can be applied with relative ease in both underground and surface situations and is increasingly used for Corrosion Under Insulation projects in view of the guaranteed lifespan.

Henkel is specifically used to temporarily seal leaks in pipe systems. A full repair must be performed at a later time when the asset is shut down.