Perfection in protection

Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA)

Thermal Spray Aluminium, generally abbreviated as TSA, is a process where an ultra-thin coating of aluminium is thermally deposited on a surface that has been prepared by abrasive blasting. Zinc is also often used instead of aluminium (referred to as TSZ).

In recent years, TSA has grown in popularity as this type of protective system requires almost no maintenance. A surface that has been treated using
the TSA method has an estimated life of between 30 and 60 years.

Cuijpers Services BV sprays the aluminium or zinc (TSA or TSZ) onto a blast-cleaned surface using an oxy-acetylene thermal spray torch. The result is a barrier coating which prevents corrosion.

Cuijpers Services BV offers you the experience and facilities required for applying TSA successfully.

TSA and TSZ are commonly used in the (petro)chemical sector and the offshore industry. The popularity of TSA and TSZ is growing, fuelled by increasing demand for an adequate solution to Corrosion under Insulation applications where paint systems have proven not to be the best and most durable solution.

In addition to TSA, Cuijpers Services has extensive experience with metallizing materials.

Metallizing is sometimes also referred to as metal spraying. After the surface has been blast-cleaned, a plasma spraying system is used to heat a zinc wire or powder to 2500 degrees Celsius before it is propelled evenly onto the surface that is to be metallized. The molten material then solidifies on the base material and is ready for a finishing coating which can be applied by brush or spray.

The result is a perfect and extremely durable protective coating.