Perfection in protection

Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Cuijpers Services BV has been officially certified by various suppliers of fire-retardant coatings as an authorised applicator of Passive Fire Protective Coatings (PFP).

As such, we are one of a select group of trained and certified surface treatment specialists who are authorised and qualified to use the products for this application made by PPG (Pitt-Char XP®, Steelguard FM® and Speedhide® 42-7), International Paint and Jotun.

Ever more stringent requirements mean that more and more measures are required in order to minimise the effects of fire. Safety always comes first. Cuijpers Services BV can advise you in this area. Our advice extends beyond simply using coatings. We can also provide a turnkey service when a surface needs to be protected with a spray plaster or cementitious solution.

PFP coatings offer excellent thermal protection for the underlying surface when exposed to fire, even in an environment where hydrocarbons are present and there is a risk of a jet fire.

These extremely strong epoxy coatings also offer excellent protection against the elements, solvents, acids, bases and alkalis, salts and obviously wear and tear at practically all temperatures.

PFP coatings are used in many applications, such as steel structures (application both on-site and off-site using a brush or an airless spray system), oil refining, offshore oil platforms, the petrochemical industry and other high-risk industrial environments, offices, hospitals and other buildings.