Perfection in protection

Hot Airless spraying

A Hot Airless spray system applies paint at a lower pressure than conventional spraying systems and coatings of a higher viscosity can be applied without having to use a high percentage of thinning agents. Further advantages are reduced overspray, more complete atomisation, more efficient coverage and better edge coating. Finally, this technology pollutes the air to a lesser extent and minimises leftover product.

The Hot Airless system compensates effectively for seasonal temperature fluctuations and is an ideal technique for applying coatings to drinking water and fuel tanks. Hot Airless is not in widespread use in the Netherlands as a method for applying coatings. Cuijpers Services has specialised in this technique and can apply it both in-house in the workshop and on site.

Applying protective coatings at a customer site
Protective coating application according to the Kiwa BRL guideline.