Perfection in protection

Abrasive blasting and corrosion protection for underground and surface-mounted tanks

Cuijpers Services specialises in performing all common abrasive blasting and conservation-protection work for both surface-mounted and underground storage tanks, bullet tanks, drums and columns. We can also perform these tasks for tankers (bulk semi-trailers).

Our experience in this area covers applications in the (petro)chemical industry, the food industry and civil engineering.

Cuijpers Services BV owns and operates an extremely extensive fleet of mobile and stationary grit blasting and high-pressure water equipment for cleaning and pre-treating surfaces before applying a corrosion-protection coating.

In the pre-treatment phase, Cuijpers Services BV can also deploy a hydrojet robot, which automatically and efficiently removes the old protective coating from tank walls.

After the surface has been thoroughly and professionally pre-treated, a new coating system is applied. Tank liner specifications often call for a specific coating system that is applied with extreme care in one or more coats in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the ITP protocol.

In order to apply the coating system under the right conditions, we have our own climate control systems, air dryers and all the associated peripheral equipment.

Cuijpers Services BV has full KIWA certification for cleaning and coating (drinking) water tanks.