Perfection in protection

Vacuum blasting

Due to increasingly strict environmental management measures, Cuijpers Services has specialised in providing environmentally friendly and dust-free abrasive blasting solutions which are easy to use, versatile and highly effective.

In the case of vacuum blasting, compressed air is used to blow the blasting medium onto the treatment surface through a hose. Immediately after hitting the surface, the blasting medium and resulting dust are removed through a hose and fed back into the blasting machine when the dust is separated out by a filter. The clean blasting grit is reused.

The vacuum blaster can also use water instead of grit as the blasting medium.

Cuijpers Services BV generally uses vacuum blasting to remove road markings.

It is not so much the blasting technique that is important in the case of vacuum blasting – after all the technology is the same as that used for grit blasting – but rather the way in which the blasting medium and waste products (road paint) are sucked up and removed.

A powerful extraction system and a special storage facility make it possible to effectively trap the environmentally harmful substances.

Area of application:

  • Removal of road markings.
  • Keying and cleaning concrete floors
  • Blasting pipes and fittings
  • Blasting steel structures, railings, objects with a complex shape
  • Blasting tank bottoms