Perfection in protection

Grit blasting

Correct pre-treatment of the surface is essentially important to achieving a good result when applying any corrosion-protection system. Abrasive blasting or grit blasting is perhaps the most popular pre-treatment and cleaning method for removing rust, dirt and old coats of paint extremely effectively before applying paint systems or coatings that are designed to prevent corrosion for a prolonged period of time. This generally referred to as abrasive blasting, however sandblasting, grit blasting or gritting are also common terms.

Abrasive blasting uses a variety of media such as grit, olivine sand, corundum, steel shot and glass.

Area of application:

  • Internal and external surface treatment and cleaning of pipework, pipes, drums, columns, storage tanks and silos.
  • Pre-treatment of structural steelwork, machine parts, ships’ hulls, etc.
  • Surface treatment of stainless steel.
  • Removal of road markings.
  • Blast-cleaning bridge decks.
  • Blast-cleaning swimming pools.

Abrasive blasting methods:

  • Grit blasting
  • Shot blasting (recyclable abrasive blasting)
  • Low-pressure blasting
  • Torbo blasting
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Vacuum blasting

Abrasive blasting on site
Blast-cleaning a grain elevator.