Perfection in protection

Dust-free blasting

Dust-free blasting is a suitable blasting method for both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces. It is a closed system, so the blasting medium is reused several times and a direct extraction system is used to remove the resulting dust (including contaminants). Waste is reduced by more than 90% as a result and the extraction system ensures that the blasting medium, paint and corrosion are directly removed and stored for disposal.

In the case of dust-free blasting, also known as wheel blasting, centrifugal force throws the blasting medium against the treatment surface. Dust-free blasting machines are equipped with impeller wheels or turbines, which eject the blasting medium at a specific angle, which the operator can adjust as required.

Area of application:

  • Floors in workshops and production areas
  • Floors in distribution centres
  • Tank bottoms and top sections
  • Road markings
  • Floors in underground car parks

Dust-free blasting
Removal of road markings with a Blastrac machine.