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The METAALUNIE TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply to all our quotations, to all assignments to us and to all agreements concluded with us, filed with the Registry of the District Court of Rotterdam, as these read according to the text most recently filed there.These conditions can also be consulted here.


The following conditions apply to our e-mail messages, at all times: No rights can be derived from an e-mail and/or its attachments. A message may contain personal and confidential information. If you have received a message in error, please inform the sender and delete all information relating to it from your computer(s) and destroy any hard copies.

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Cuijpers Groep BV and/or affiliated companies does not accept any liability for any information in an e-mail that does not arrive correctly, punctually or in full, or for any damage arising as a result of an e-mail.

Cuijpers Groep BV and/or affiliated companies does not guarantee that the message is free of viruses, nor that e-mail messages are transmitted without infringement, manipulation or intervention of unauthorized third parties.